Voices of Imani Winter Gospel Concert

This past weekend I decided to head up to my alma mater, Boston College, for the Voices of Imani Winter Concert. The Voices of Imani is a gospel choir that was founded over 30 years ago. Over time the choir has become one of the fundamental pieces for students of color and white students to come together and sing and praise.

What struck me most about this year's concert was the true diversity of the choir. In years past there have been people of various races who sang with the choir. This year it was much more pronounced. I have always believed that the Voices of Imani served a much larger purpose than just bringing people together to sing gospel music. The choir was and is the reason that many students of color were able to complete Boston College. It served as a home away from home, the place to build and maintain a new family, as well as the fundamental unit for people who want a non-Catholic experience at Boston College to feel at home. These aspects are transcendent regardless of race, class or gender. And last night that was on display.

One of the main reasons that people are attracted to the Voices of Imani is our incomparable director, Professor Walters. He created the choir and has remained its director during the tenure. He serves as the father figure for us at BC and the voice that we sometimes do not want to hear. To see him still pushing strong at his age, with as much vim, vigor and vitality that only being around young people can create is a testament to his value at Boston College.

Overall what an amazing show. I have not added clips because my good friend Internetgoon has added some great clips of the show. Overall it was great to see Voices in great form!


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