The importance of reconnecting with friends

Every now and again its important to take stock in the friendships that you have, and more importantly, why those friendships are important. I had the chance to come back to my university this past weekend and reconnect with some old friends. The dynamic is always interesting. Most of the people that I know who still attend my college were freshmen during my senior year and are now seniors themselves. I have kept in touch with them, been there as a resource when they needed and am quite impressed with where they all have reached. But coming back and really chilling with them is always interesting because it is sometimes easy to remember them for the young freshmen that they were and not the adults that they now have become. But after a few minutes the realization is there(lol).

We had the chance to chill, kick back, discuss life, and just live in the moment. What always impresses me about having gone to Boston College is the amount of respect and love that one gets when coming back, if only for a little bit. I have friends who have attended other schools who do not feel the same sense of camaraderie while there and definitely not during a visit. This is not the same at Boston College. The students of color have always given love and respect to those before them.

During the weekend, I stayed with my brothers Internetgoon, DCtoBC and their roommates. As always they never cease to show me a great time! (Love y'all dudes for real! Good looks on everything!) What always impresses me about these brothers is that they always make me feel at home. From introducing me to the next generation of BC students (shout outs to the younger heads that I met, don't be afraid to holla at an alum if you all need anything), to making sure I eat and have a place to sleep, I always feel that I am in good hands.

At the end of the day there is a reason that all of this occurs. During my time at Boston College, AHANA people always looked out for each other. I ran into an alumna from the class of 2005 last weekend. His quote to one of our mutual friends describes the experience quite accurately. "We may not have known everyone by name, but we knew faces. We may not have always hung out together, but when something popped off we always knew we had each others backs." It may seem simplistic, but it really was true. And often times, the simple things were the things that went a long way. And often the reason that many of them do is because someone looked out for them during their time at BC. Passing on the gesture is crucial! While the amount of AHANA students continues to increase (I am always a huge fan of that) the quality of people stays the same!

Keep it up BC!


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