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Is the Republican Party forgetting minorities?

In a recent CNN poll it was revealed that 97% of blacks support Barack Obama's quest for the White House as well as 60% of Latinos. Looking at the statistics make me wonder, is the Republican party increasingly becoming a party for white people?

While watching the two conventions in September, it was remarkable to see how diverse the DNC convention was compared to the RNC convention. According to the U.S. News and World Report, 36 (1.5%) black delegates were selected for the RNC convention. This is down from 167 delegates, a 78.4% drop since 2004. Now compare that to the DNC convention where 1,079 (24.3%) black delegates were present. Statistics tell a lot, plain and simple.

Now some people may say that having a black candidate run for president plays a huge role in diversity at a convention. I completely agree. But one can not ignore the blatant fact that blacks have seemed to be all but ignored by the Republican party in this campaign. And do not think that this is a phenomenon si…

The last attempts at McCain to court the Jewish vote

One of my favorite shows is Rick Sanchez' program that comes on CNN at 3pm. He uses Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social networks to make it truly interactive. He had McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb on today. The topic was Senator Obama's ties to RashidKhalidi (Columbia University professor and controversial figure with ties to the Palestinian Leadership Organization.) When asked by Rick Sanchez to name another person that Obama has ties to that is also anti-semitic the spokesman after a long pause said "I think we all know who we are talking about." See video here

I was completely shocked at this comment. He never offered a name, and left the suggestion completely open-ended that there is a possibility that Obama has ties to anti-semitic people. What makes things even more interesting is that McCain has ties to Khalidi himself! During the 1990's McCain donated money to Khalidi to study voting patterns in Palestine. I suppose in McCain's mind that doe…