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What Happens to a Dream Deferred: The George Zimmerman Verdict

The 3/5 Compromise was a compromise reached between Southern and Northern states in 1797 that essentially counted every black person as 3/5 of a human being for representation purposes in Congress. It was one of many legal ways that blacks in America knew that they were not valued as whole members of society. How much more egregious and blatant could one be in this regard than by explicitly stating that you are only 3/5 whole. Since the passing of this doctrine there have been many ways, some legal and some not that still upholds the belief that blacks, especially black men are not whole members of society. From the passing of segregation laws, to the lynching of many, to the unfair treatment of blacks in every avenue of American society. It is clear to many that equality is truly an elusive dream. What happens to a dream deferred? We saw partially what that looks like on Saturday night by the ruling in the George Zimmerman trial.

I for one do not blame the jury one bit. In fact I fee…