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The value of alums of color giving back

I spent some time this weekend at my alma mater Boston College. The purpose of my visit was to serve as an AHANA (African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American) Alumni representative for AHANA prospective weekend. I had some time to think about the value of alums of color giving back to their community and I have come to a few conclusions.

I met with some prospective students this weekend. Seeing them internalize what college, particularly Boston College had to offer brought me back to my college selection journey. What I tried to impart on them, and really what I try to impart on people in general is that it is vital to give back in any way you can to places and people who will value it. One of the reasons that I decided to attend Boston College was because it was clear that alumni of color really cared about reaching out to current and prospective students. There were many reasons why they did this. Some did it because they genuinely enjoyed their time at BC and wanted to see others atte…