O.J. Simpson, Plaxico, Adam Jones and the plight of the black male athlete

Now I have resisted putting in my two cents on the current state of legal affairs that athletes have found themselves in during the past two weeks. Well the time for this is over. The gloves are off!

O.J. Simpson: What the hell! Now if I got off on two counts of first-degree murder, when all of the evidence in the case either pointed to me doing it or knowing who did it, I would probably join a religious order and keep my ass quiet. Not this guy. He ends up trying to rob people of merchandise that technically he would have to sell anyway to pay off his settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit. Once he got arrested it became increasingly clear that he was going to get the punishment he deserved. Once I saw the make-up of the jury (all-white with the only blacks being selected as alternates) I knew he was done. And I could not be more happier. God doesn't like ugly. And O.J. represented all that was ugly. I think the funniest thing about this case is that O.J. was willing to take a plea deal if the prosecutor apologized for bringing the charges against him. Bruh please!

Plaxico Burress: Now let me begin by saying that I honestly believe Plaxico is going through some emotional things that he hasn't addressed yet. He needs to. With that said, he was wilin. There should be no reason that you should have a gun in a club in NYC. Having been in many a club in New York, things can get packed and crowded really quick. The slightest bump can set a gun off and potentially cause deadly consequences. Plaxico in his smartest moment thought that it was ok to not only have a gun without a proper holster, but he also thought downing glasses of liquor would be smart as well. We saw the results. Now I fully agree with many players being fearful for their lives. The tragic deaths of Darrent Williams, Sean Taylor and the injury to Richard Collier prove that football players are at risk. But I fully believe that if one feels threatened then maybe staying home might be a good option. Living the opulent lifestyle allows for one to bring the entertainment to their own turf. And in the event that you do want to go out, the NFL has a number that you can call and a retired law enforcement officer will serve as your protection. You don't even have to know he or she is with you. But Plaxico must not have gotten this memo. I am sorry for him. But not sorry for his stupidity. Get it together!

Adam Jones: He epitomizes niggerdom to me. How many chances can one man get before he fucks it up for himself forever. Writing more on this would be a waste of good space.

Now the thing that concerns me about all of these athletes is that the ones who get in trouble are disproportionately black. Now white athletes get into their trouble too. But for some reason black athletes find themselves on that other level of trouble. As a law-abiding black man who understands the racial issues involving blacks and law enforcement, I have a huge problem when people put themselves in situations that cause them trouble. Its even worse when they are high profile. Now that isn't to say that all black athletes are like this. I know a few really good guys in the NFL (shout outs Beekman, Kiwanuka and Blackman!) and some in other leagues. But the nature of it is the bad apples ruin the bunch. Black athletes need to reanalyze where they are in life and how they are looked at in society. I do not want to do another post like this. Bud sadly I am sure I will in the near future.


Anonymous said…
I must say this issue resonates with me and I as as a sports fan I share similar sentiments...I would encourage you to read the book: 40 Million Dollar Slaves by Roden

I have beginning to give up on them...and its sad because the young people still do and will always!

And the fact of the matter is many of them don't want responsiblity.

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