An Open Letter To Gilbert Arenas

To Mr. Arenas,
As an avid fan of the NBA, I can not describe the level of anger, frustration and malaise that I currently feel in regards to your gun situation. I am deeply curious what was on your mind when you decided to bring four guns into a basketball arena (which is a clear violation of federal as well as local law), but even more curious as to your actions after bringing those guns into an arena. Do you honestly think that people would believe that you brought these weapons in order to play a joke on your teammate (please help me find the humor in this). Or that people would enjoy the image of you firing finger-pistols at your teammates while they pretended to be shot. Sorry Mr. Arenas, this is not working for any of us.

Many people are killed by guns on a daily basis. Too often they are of the black and brown variety. For you to make light of guns and gun use slaps in the face of the countless men and women whose lives have been taken by the wanton use of guns in this country. But I guess you didn't think about those people when you posed for your twitter pic with your team.

Lest you forget you are a role model for many young men and women who look up to you for your great talent. You have set the worst kind of example to these children. At a time when gun violence and murder affect many people that look like you, one would expect you to be somewhat understanding of the way your behavior looks to those who look up to you. I guess that slipped your mind. Well hopefully now as you sit home missing out on your $147,000 a game, you can begin to feel the true impact of your actions. But I doubt that you will. You may just continue to make light of the situation.

I wonder if you look at the other athletes like you who have gotten in trouble for ridiculous behavior. Did you pay attention to Plaxico Burress? Did you shake your head at the Tiger Woods scandal? I suppose not. Do not forget that as a black man you have been given a power and a blessing that few of us get and many of us want. The ability to do what we enjoy, and become ridiculously rich off of that passion is a dream come true. What you have shown with your wanton, flippant and insulting behavior is that you clearly have a horrible sense of humor and even more that you have a considerable amount of growing up to do.

I hope that this teaches you a lesson about behavior. But the sad thing is that it had to take something so drastic to get that message across. In my opinion if you never play in the NBA again I would not have a problem with that. Too many men would take your spot and do well with the chance. Here's hoping you get your act together, for your sake.
Yours truly,
A former fan


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