My journey to Washington DC for inauguration weekend

It appeared that it was highly unlikely that I was going to make it down to DC this weekend for inauguration festivities. Financially things were tight and I did not see a clear way of me making this happen. My mom asked me Thursday if I thought I was going down. Clearly things did not look promising...

But a divine intervention would have it, I awoke Friday to a check in the mail from my grandfather. It was the Christmas money that he had promised. The way I saw it, it was destined for me to make it to DC. I scrounged together some more last minute cash and booked my ticket. Nothing was going to stop me now.

As I awoke Saturday morning and began the trip to the bus station, there was an interesting feel in the air. I had made a few trips to DC for a few big events, the most recent being the Million More March and the Affirmative Action March. But there was a decidedly different feel this time. With those times there was a sense of anger and frustration in the journey. Anger and frustration because of the nature of the gathering. This time was new. Everyone I came in contact with seemed to be happy and excited that they were making this journey.

As the bus departed and people began to talk, I was impressed with not only the racial diversity, but also the age and socioeconomic diversity that was present on the bus. This blog is called diversifiedminds for a reason. And it was at this moment that I was reminded of why I write and do many of the diversity initiatives that I participate in. I met older women, young men, children, college students, young adults and everything in between, who were all on a collective journey to witness history.

Upon my arrival into DC, I got in touch with some of my "family." Just to hear people who I haven't heard from in years all in the same place for the same reason really showed the tranformative power of this occasion, and without a doubt Barack Obama. I am sure the next few days are going to be filled with moments of tears, laughter and joy. But I think the prevailing emotion will no doubt be pride.

And to believe I almost missed making it down


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