11th hour undecided voters...yes they still exist!!

I received a message from a friend of mine who spent part of the weekend working the Obama campaign phone banks. It appears that there are still quite a few people out there who remain undecided about who they will vote for on Tuesday. I am beginning to wonder why the decision is so difficult. This election has gone on for 22 months. From party primaries, to nominations, to Vice-presidential picks, to debates and rallies, I would hope that people have had time to make up their mind. I guess that is not the case.

The two candidates and campaigns to me appear very different. While McCain is more of a moderate candidate than the Republican party wanted to have as a representative, but he clearly will espouse much of the values that the Republican party has supported. Pick any topic ranging from abortion, affirmative action, gay marriage, free market versus regulation among others, it is clear that in order for him to garner support from his party faithful, he needs to tow the conservative line.

With the Obama campaign, he is a moderate Democrat (though the Republicans have tried their best to make him out as an uber liberal). He clearly wants to change the status quo and bring about a new form of American politic much like John F. Kennedy and FDR. His goal of more governmental regulation, improved education, appointing of more liberal Supreme Court judges, better health care, a quick exit from Iraq and abolishing the Bush tax cuts all seem to be vital differences to the Republican ticket. For the life of me I can not seem to understand why so many people remain undecided.

I assume that the undecided voters are balancing out the same thing that people have been debating for this entire campaign. Is electing a young senator with a thin resume better than electing a senior senator who has been in Washington for twenty plus years. I know where I stand. And most Americans do as well. The funny thing is that the remaining undecided voters might just be the ones that decide who will be the winner come Tueday night.


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